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    About Me
    Analysis does not solve problems
    Approaches to Systems Thinking
    Bernard Rules of Architecture
    Canberra Bushfires
    Complex Systems
    Cargo Cult Architecture
    Goals, Stratgies and Problems
    Governance and Systems Thinking
    (Humour) Artificial Intelligence
    (Humour) Dark Suckers
    (Humour) Electricity
    (Humour) House Specifications
    (Humour) Quantum Software
    (Humour) The Telephone
    Inanimate Evoloution
    Mathematics and Physics
    Not all problems are the same
    Planning does not solve problems
    Problem Solving
    Problem Oriented Architecture
    Solving a problem always creates new problems
    The Costs of a solution include the problems it creates
    The Dunning-Kruger Effect
    The Parable of the Business Case
    The Parable of the Project
    The Real Meaning of the Butterfly Effect
    The Requirements Myth
    The Solution to one problem may not be the solution to another
    Approaches to Systems Thinking
    Strategy, Problem Solving and Systems Thinking
    The Value of a solution exists in the Problem it solves
    Three types of requirements
    Understand the problem
    Understanding a problem means identifying the cause

    Bernard Robertson-Dunn
    August 2012