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If you don’t understand the problem
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  • If you don’t understand the problem, you won’t understand the solution.

    This sounds like common sense, but there are far too many projects that try implementing a solution that is subsequently rejected by the business.

    Every implementation project will introduce changes into the solution, either intentional or unintentional. If you don't understand the problem, you won't know if a change to the solution will make the problem better or worse.

    The person least likely to understand this is the Project Manager.

    Unfortunately, the Project Manager is the most likely to either make or approve such changes.

    It should be the responsibility of an Architect to understand the problem such that solution options can be identified and compared. The Architect should also identify problems that will be created when the solution is implemented.

    Something that should be understood by everyone trying to understand a problem is that the way you model the problem can significantly impact your ability to achieve your goal. A bad modelling approach can lead to unforseen and undesirable outcomes.

    Bernard Robertson-Dunn
    31 March 2011

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