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Analysis does not solve problems
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  • Analysis does not solve problems – it’s only the first step in understanding the problem. The second step in understanding the problem is when potential solutions are developed.

    Analysis is part of understanding problems and solutions. Analysis involves the development of verbal descriptions, models, architectures, measurements and other artifacts that facilitate comparisons.

    Once a problem has been analysed (or sometimes as part of the analysis) various solution options can be developed. This may lead to additional problem analysis but should also lead to solution analysis, especially in the areas of implementation, support and future problems.

    It should be realised that people who are very good at analysis may not be good at problem solving or solution development (synthesis). Problem solving can sometimes be just a matter of recognising that a particular solution is appropriate, but in the case of Complex and Wicked problems it is more likely that innovation and creativity are required.

    Bernard Robertson-Dunn, 2011

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