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  • The solution to one problem is probably not the same as the solution to another, even similar problem.

    The challenge is to make sure that the problem you are trying to solve is actually the same as another problem, you already have a solution for.

    There are two areas where differences in business problems can lead to major and significant differentces in solution requirements.
    1. The underlying business model. Each enterprise usually does things differently, even if in the same business. They also tend to manage their business differently.
    2. Scale, availability and dispersion. Scale refers to the size of the business, availability to the hours the business systems are operational (and not just to the customer, sometimes internal systems have an availability that is significantly different from external ones) and dispersion refers to the geographic location of the various business offices tec.
    Even small differences in business problems can lead to totally different solutions. The danger is that a vendor with his solution may convince a business that, because he has solved one business problem he can solve another. Vendors are not concerned with problems, only with selling their solutions. teh same goes for consultants who believe that their bag of tricks, which have worked in one area will work in another.

    Which is why you should always understand your problem and why it might not tbe the same as the one a potential vendor has solved.

    Bernard Robertson-Dunn, 2011

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