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Strategy, Problem Solving and Systems Thinking
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  • A strategy comprises a group of problems and their solutions that will achieve a goal.

    Systems Thinking is not a solution to a problem, it is an approach to maximising the probablility of doing the right thing in the right way.

    Systems Thinking promotes the development of a structured approach to tackling complex and wicked problems. There is no single structured approach

    Systems Thinking, without Systems Thinkers, will fail.
    It is not the process, it is the approach, that matters.
    You cannot train managers to be System Thinkers – you need deep understanding of systems and their behaviour, which only comes from an extensive education process

    There are no repeatable processes in System Thinking – every Complex and Wicked problem is different

    Systems Thinkers will probably succeed, with or without an overt Systems Thinking approach.

    Here is a picture that describes what I think is the relationship between goals, strategy and problems/solutions

    Strategy and Problem Solving 

    Bernard Robertson-Dunn,
    21 March 2011

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