Fire In Canberra

This website documents Bernard and Lyndsey Robertson-Dunn's experience of
the Canberra Bushfires that happened on Saturday 18 January 2003

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The Day of the Fire
Where we live
Photos Immediately After
House Cooling Party
A week after the Fire
Week Two - Going Home
Week Three - Garden Clearance
Week Four - Dust storm and feeling low
Week Five - Open Garden

March 23 - Nine weeks. The cast is off and planning the garden.
April 28 - Three months and I can start to walk again
June 15 Getting the garden ready
July 6 More garden work
July 19, some photos of progress
September 4 - The Gazebo Goes Up
October 3 - PineBark Arrives
October 30 The Fences have arrived
Christmas Day 2003

A New Year - 2004

One Year Anniversary Party
A year after the House Cooling Party -The Marburgh's House Warming Party

Anzac Day Weekend 2004


Ten Years on

Home page

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