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  • I attended Surbiton County Grammar from 1957 to 1965, when I went up to Sheffield University. The school, meantime moved to Thames Ditton.

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    This section contains photos I have scanned in from originals I own.

    The 1965 full school photos are on this page The 1965 School Photo

    These are photos I have discovered on the web. They look as though they have been scanned in from various yearbooks

    Ruddigore (Gilbert and Sullivan) production from Rob Ireland ************New************** 25 November  2016

    Ruddigore 1
    Ruddigore 2

    Left to right:
    Rob Ireland, Neil Simpson (?), ??, ??, Christopher Lucy

    Group Photos from Mike Aust
    The Duke of York, Saturday 17 September 2016

    Alan Thorogate, Chris Jagger, Rupert Bell

    Bob Lane, David Pringle, Rob Ireland, Chris Leaney
    John Sammes, Malcolm Penn, Colin Parratt
    Colin Parratt, Norman Phillips, Alan Sherrifs
    Len Neldrett

    The Victoria 2014
    Seated clockwise round table: David Shaw, Terry Coe, Arnold Pindar, Malcom Penn, Chris Leaney, John Sammes, Mike Anscombe (forehead only!), John Stribbling, Robert Thornton, Stefan Junor
    Standing l. to r.: John Swade, David Pringle, Mike Aust, Colin Parratt, Alan Sherriffs

    The Victoria 2009
    Standing l. to r.: Chris Jagger, Mike Aust, Stefan Junor, Mike Fifer, Martin Calver, John Rodd, Alan Sherriffs, Mike Anscombe (red eyes), David Shaw, Roy Gover, Chris Leaney, Basil Hunt.
    Seated l. to r.: Ken Collins, Terry Coe, John Sammes, John Swade

    Photo from Dave Smith.

    Under 12 XV 1960-61
    Under 12 XV 1960-61 with names

    Photo from Mike Gibbons 

    Minnows XV 1964-65

    Photos from Peter Jones 

    Photo of some first years with boxer Billy Walker at Jack Brabham's garage at the top of Somerset Avenue. We were on our way to the playing fields and the Surrey Comet photographer didn't miss the opportunity. Photo appeared in the paper July 1965.
    The same photo with names of some of the boys

    Photos from Paul Breeze (1957-64)

    Rome 1960 (Blunden Follett, Seaton, Breeze)
    Cadets probably 1960.

    Photos from David Jardine 
    David has identified some of the subjects. The quality of the captioned photos is not as good at the un-captioned ones.

    Athletcis Team 1954
    Athletcis Team 1954 with captions
    Athletics Team 1955
    Cadets 1955
    Cadets 1955 with captions
    Colts 1951-2
    Colts 1951-2 with captions
    Cadets Marching 1952
    Cadets Marching 1952 with captions
    Prefects Room Aysgarth 1954
    Prefects Room Aysgarth 1954 with captions
    Prefects 1955
    Prefects 1955 with captions
    Swimming Team 1951-2
    Swimming Team 1951-2 with captions
    Under 14 1950-1
    Under 14 1950-1 with captions
    We Must Kill Toni - Stage production 1956-7

    Photos from Frank Nowell

    Group photograph of the students and staff who went to the Rome Olympic Games in 1960. I'm in it, but have no recollection of the photo being taken.
    Prefects 1959

    Photos of the Old School (in Surbiton)  from Tim Harrison
    These were taken in October 2011 and captions are provided by Tim.

    The stained glass with the Williams family motto Cadarn ar Cyfrwys (the strong and the sly) just beyond the four pillars in the entrance to Albury House (School House)

    The assembly hall floor looks astonishing after a fresh lick of paint to the wood panelling and a complete sand and revarnish to the floor, which now gleams a bright, shiny red. Floor work was done in July 2011. Staff thought it was oak. Turns out it was mahogany

    The only entrance/exit to the assembly hall stage is still through a curious dark door behind the curtains, leading down to this tricky little curved staircase where the Gilbert & Sullivan characters once came and went

    The old stable block survives, but has had so many bits tacked on to it over the years that it is almost unrecognisable. Upstairs, where the sixth form once lived, the present school maintenance men have their workshops and storage. The building is now known as Hill House, although when I asked the caretaker if it was indeed the stable block he said it was.

    The tiny double-back staircase in the stable block, smartened up with fresh paint

    The front of Albury House on October 3 2011 in the bright late afternoon sunshine

    The entrance to Albury House

    Photos supplied by Ken George  (1958-1966) 

    The 1958 full school photo
    Prefects 1966 
    The names of the 1966 prefects  ************ Updated, thanks to Mike Aust ************** 28 September 2016
    Photos from Tony Smith (1964-1966) 
    NEVASA cruise 1965
    On deck tug-of-war
    (left to right those visible)
    Berwick Curtis
    Nick Philo
    Tony Smith
    'Benny' Selwood

    Athens Bar
    (left to right)
    unknown Tiffins girl
    'Benny' Selwood
    unknown Tiffins girl
    Tony Smith
    Rikke Buhl (Copenhagen Squad)

    Mutinous gathering behind the lifeboats
    (left to right)
    'Pierre' Chartier
    Mick Dunkley (hiding)
    Rob Osmond
    'Benny' Selwood
    Iris van der May
    DV Smith {part visible)
    Steve Boyce ? (back to front)
    Berwick Curtis
    Joe Turner
    Tony Smith

    Photos from Peter Denyer (1961-1968)

    Language laboratory Language laboratory in new school Thames Ditton 1965  - Peter is front right, in back row L-R Clive Uridge, Anthony Boorman, Elliot
    1963-4 Under 14 XV  with teacher Parish

    Photos from Stuart Little (1959-1965)

    Photos from Keith Watling (1965-1972)

    Photos from Derek Thorogate (1961-1969) 

    Bernard Robertson-Dunn
    25 November 2016