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Our House from Kathner St

Power Poles at the end of Kather St, corner of Darwinia Terrace. The burning car was where the truck is

The view over the Equestrian Centre. That's how close we are to the Pine Plantations

The side of our house with vegetation that could have gone up and maybe threatened our place. It also shows the place on the roof where I jumped.

Two houses opposite us on Percy Street

Next door from our balcony. You can see their BBQ setting near the bottom of the stairs, untouched.

Next door through our fence that isn't there any more

Our House over next door's pool

Power Poles to the upper side of Percy Street. Taken Wednesday, four days after the fires

Bernard doing a silly re-enactment of his fire fighting attempts

Bernard and Lyndsey Robertson-Dunn's Canberra bushfire website
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