The Gazebo Goes Up

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We have had the landscape design delivered. All we have to do now is .... everything. Fences, lawn, plants, washing line. etc etc

We have had some second thoughts about the back garden. We decided that we wanted to level out the lawn, so we got our friendly bobcat operator to come back, scrape off all the old grass, and shift earth around so that the area for the circular lawn was moved over a bit and flattened. He also shifted the six tonnes of top-soil we had had delivered onto the lawn area.

We also, eventually, had the Gazebo bits delivered


and after a month or so we had it built.

Unfortunately, it was not oriented correctly. The guy who was putting it up decided not to align it with the lawn, and the diagonal. He concreted the legs in and so, after we complained, the concrete was knocked off and the gazebo rotated to its required position.

This was on a Thursday and the guy who was building it could not come back until the following Monday. There were very strong, gale force winds due on the Friday so I got up early, filled up some bags with stones and tied them to the gazebo to keep it from blowing away.

You can see the bags in the picture of the finished gazebo, below.

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