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I am not a seeker after truth ... just evidence. I will draw my own conclusions. 
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    Last updated February 2016

    Contact me on brd@drbrd.com

    Recent additions: Pages on non-linearity and compex systems and a new section on quotes of mine.

    Before all that I was busy writting about Problem-oriented System Architecture. I started with a chapter in a book:

    "A Problem Oriented Enterprise Architecture Approach Applied to Wicked Problems"
    in Enterprise Architecture for Connected E-Government: Practices and Innovations, editted by Pallab Saha of Singapore University.

    This is a link to a description of the book.

    This is the abstract of my chapter:

    This chapter proposes that a problem oriented approach to Enterprise Architecture can deliver a better outcome than one based upon needs and requirements, especially when dealing with Wicked Problems.

    A distinction is drawn between what an Enterprise Architect does, solve business problems, and what the architect produces, descriptions of end states.

    It also suggests that the approach to modelling and understanding a problem can have significant impacts on the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of potential solutions and the decisions made in identifying optimal solutions and implementation projects.

    Finally, the chapter discusses use of the proposed problem oriented Enterprise Architecture approach to Wicked Problems in the context of e-Government.

    Then I wrote a paper "Beyond the Zachman framework: Problem-oriented System Architecture" for the IBM Journal of Research and Development, details of which are here

    I've created  a new website, www.problemsfirst.com, which will eventually contain lots of information on why large scale IT projects keep failing and what to do about it. Its based on the premise that understanding the problem is what really matters. And as I've said above, it's where my modelling research will end up.

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