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  • Science is about understanding the world, Engineering is about creating new things in it.

    Scientists need engineers to create and operate their experiments. Engineers need scientists to provide the theoretical understanding which engineers then use to create the world on which we all rely.

    If there were no scientists, the world would carry on much as it is. If there were no engineers, the world would grind to a halt and disintegrate.

    Very few scientists would make good engineers. Many good engineers can do science.

    In today's complex world, more engineers should question why they are being asked to deliver systems and solutions. Too many solutions are prescribed by people who don't understand the real problem or the consequnces of implementing a particular solution.

    Engineers, by providing clean water and removing sewerage are responsible for saving more lives than doctors have or ever will. And engineers also create systems that deliver energy and communications.

    Bernard Robertson-Dunn 2014