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The downside of TOGAF
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  • The downside of TOGAF is that it misleads the naive.

    TOGAF is a framework for activities and deliverables. It specifies or advises that certain activities and deliverables can be utilised when developing an architecture. What it doesn't tell you is how to do these things.

    There is a class of managers and architects who think that understanding the framework is the same as knowing how to be an architect. IMHO, knowledge and experience of TOGAF is neither necessary or sufficient for teh delivery of a successful architecture assignment. In fact it can be dangerous because, to the unlearned and in-experienced, it looks as though TOGAF is the basis for underpining an architecture based delivery project. However, as any experienced architect will know following or utilising TOGAF is a trivial matter compared with developing the architect and system itself. Using TOGAF is a useful tool for assisting inter and intra project communication but it does not solve any problems of itself.

    A good guide to a project and to non-IT managers is that if knowledg of TOGAF is specified as being critical then there is a high likelyhood that the wrong people are already making the wrong decisions - and we all know where that road leads.

    The insistence of using TOGAF on a project is evidence of Cargo Cult architecture mentality.

    Bernard Robertson-Dunn, 2011

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